There is Something Here

When you see an art piece, what do you feel? Do you imagine how you can also create one? It must be very envious seeing those stunning artworks displayed before your very eyes.

It is said that exhibition is not something that people should pass by. Seeing an exhibition will help people understand the world better and perceive how imagination works in the mind of people. These contemporary artworks arouse the feeling of comfort in the midst of bad times.

If your artwork is chosen to be the best in an exhibition, what would you feel?

This one is in the subjective manner in choosing since there is no standard of or rules that have to be followed. Why do you not try to create one and display it in an exhibition? Or why don’t you attend art exhibition for the sake of noting the different artists’ style?

You will be shocked that all people around the world wish to have a talent in visual arts. They believe that this is something that would make them happy, imagine to the full.

In fact, as a painter whatever you imagine, you can just paint it. However, most people would imagine but can not paint because they do not know how. The imagination they have also comes from nature and other stimulants like the heavenly bodies.

It is the same when people see their artwork; viewers also try to understand what the author was thinking. Like this, viewers will have new ideas besides what they have seen.

So going to an exhibition is not simply seeing beautiful works. There is something from it.