The art and the country of China

The word art expresses a lot of meaning depending to person’s point of view. Some define art as a part of living or it deals with anything we do in our daily life accompanied with passion. Therefore we can conclude that art plays multiple role in our every day living or simply the expression of one’s thought, depicting one’s imagination and skill. We can categorized art into different ways such as painting, sculptor, waving, handcraft, paintings, drawing, personal designs and so many more. These, though, depend on the kind of art the country has grown with.

Culture and traditions are also being affected by art. Before China was surrounded by its traditional clothing which are worn beautifully patterned clothes accompanied by wide array of clothing that covers the whole body. The houses were more of an era where simple living was the theme. However, the more we are modernized and exposed to high technologies by the use of autocad. It includes the upgrade of modern buildings, transportation are the effect of art nowadays.

The people around us and their way of living, their ways of acting, perception and thinking is also being affected by art. Even the basic or simplest task when it is accompanied with art will change depending on the audience. The market for art has a wide variety – from the classic to the abstract. China’s art falls on the middle with grotesque designs with elegance.