The Shanghai Tower: Asia’s Pride

China is rising again! China loves being top in the world. Another awesome production stands out in China! It is the Shanghai Tower, located in Shanghai. Shanghai is a financial center, the largest economic and trade center of China. It is regarded as the soaring symbol of economic future of China. The building of the Shanghai Tower gives a remarkable growth of the city, Shanghai. Consisted of 128 floors and another five floors underground. The building is serviced by  149 elevators with a top speed of 20.5 m/s.


Standing with a height of 632 m architecturally. And, facilitated with over 1,000 parking spaces. The Shanghai Tower was designed by Gensler with a curved and twisted form (spiral exterior like a snake) generated through a series of wind-tunnel tests. The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China, and in the whole Asia. It is the second highest building in the world. The completion of the building took several years until it was finally completed in the year 2015.



The tower that  costs $ 2.4 billion now sits beside Jin Mao and Shanghai World Financial Center. Emerging from the ground and reaching towards heaven, the tower is designed to show a new form of urban life. It welcomes all people as this is a place for working, a place for eating and sleeping, coporate meeting and much more. The super tall building is subdivided into five major functional areas: super five-star hotels, conference rooms, multifunction banquet hall, offices for multi-purposes and recreation zone.