Only in China: The world’s longest sea bridge

China is known as a rising economy and it is proving itself to be one. The Chinese government is making effort to let the country be the most developed and a strong nation. They want to show to the world the power that they have and there capability. China is known for some other things but it is known also for many good point like they are the one who built the longest bridge in the sea in the whole world.

If you see on the video clip, it is shown the bridge that measures 26.3 miles long and it is the one that connects the Qingdao city port going to the Huangdao island. This bridge is called the bay bridge of Jiaozhou. They constructed this bridge for four years and they finally open it in the year of 2011. It is one of the great accomplishment of the government of China as this bridge is the longest in this category. It is not just a simple bridge that directly go from one side to the other but with connecting other bridges that makes it design beautiful and interesting. Look for this great eye clinic guys. You may click this 眼科診所 台北市 for you to have appointment. This is very amazing and helpful in restoring your good eyesight.

If you visit China and can go and drive in this part of the bridge then it is a memorable experience. Many people will surely gather and go to this bridge to be able to see it and take memories by taking pictures of it. And an amazing eye clinic here can be found such to help you from astigmatism treatment, check here 散光 雷射. Even the royal family want to go and visit here one day as they also like new and beautiful things.