Meet the Artists in Person

Artists have their own style in creating their own artwork. Many have broken the fixed idea of what an art should like so that they can make the best artwork that they can create in due time.

In Bund18 Gallery, a South Korean artist, Han, Soon-ja is famous for using round or circles in all her artworks. Circle connotes that there is a freewheeling. In her artworks, the circle is connected to the universe and the celestial bodies that are shining over us giving us hope and prosperous future from emptiness. Life can be empty or full. This is why humans have to make a choice, whether they have to make their life meaningful or meaningless. Even the nature do not live meaninglessly. In Han’s artwork, nature is part of human life and that humans have to live hope for something they aim in the future. When she had her solo exhibition, she used round shapes too, that is balloon floating on the exhibition hall. The limpidity of the balloon may mean that life is uncontrollable so humans can not also hold on to their fixed ideas of something. There must be a Powerful One controlling our life.

Jonone of Paris

Jonone also flew to Shanghai from Paris to attend his solo exhibition. He has his own style that would impress people, “the abstract improvisations”, with colors overflowing with communicative energy. He came to impress the audience in his brilliance in arts.

Pian Jianfeng also had his solo exhibition and we found out that he likes using freewheeling as his style combining it with Chinese art. His art focuses on human concern towards warmth and tenderness. His artworks are something that is warm to look at, enough to touch the heart of people so they can feel comfort from this disastrous and painful world.

Life is like this: sometimes happy, sometimes sorrowful. But we must accept that this life and just warm our hearts with the good things that we see.