Your New Creative Exhibition Center

Bund18 Creative Exhibition Center in Shanghai is shining in brilliance for its collection of creative artworks of international artists. 18Gallery has the spirit to make people laugh and feel sad.

This gallery does not simply contain paintings and drawings but also videos regarding artworks and designs. International artists have shown up in the galleries and that they have also paved the way to do self-portrait while working for an artwork. International artists have been invited to perform a show like video presentation, live paintings in order for the audience to be pleased.

It is worthy going there since do not just go there to view the final output of an artists but to watch a live scenario of creating an artwork. Where on earth can you find a gallery that projects a live working of artworks. In addition to that, the gallery became a projection room for important videos in the world of art.

The most impressive artwork is the artwork of nature. In the artists view, a nature is something that has to be valued and taken care of. Many have been through the exhibition and they say that they have nothing bad to say about it. In viewing an artwork it is important to look into the emotion of the artist embedded in the art piece.

This is more important than anything else. There are many who just create an artwork in order to kill the time. However most of cases, when artists paint, you can see their emotion they have while creating an artwork. In paintings, there is no need to find the interpretation of the piece because it is not a literary work. So in order to enjoy, try to imagine the emotion of the artists while they work on it.